How Rebatus is   Redefining Shopping.

Rebatus is a platform that allows users to enjoy the game of shopping. Yes, you read that correctly: shopping is a game, at least to us - A game in which your ability to jump hurdles to save, not the princess, but money. That way, the best players get more bang for their buck.

We have seen so many marketplaces and e-commerce platforms thrive over selling you more or luring you into earning points, but we are inverting the pyramid and giving you the chance to earn points to win really awesome things that you love, or even have some of the cash you paid back (we say "some” of your cash, but what we really mean is that you’ll probably get more than you paid on the platform anyway.)

What are you waiting for, then? Start earning points, and enjoy the game of shopping!

Who Are We & What We Do

We're glad you asked, because we want to take every opportunity to brag about our hardplaying team (because the word 'hardworking' doesn't work for us), and our incredible culture. 


We don’t have the slides that Google has, but we challenge each other every day; to grow, to do better, and be better as individuals. We tinker with Legos, and we have word games and riddles to start the day. While we love hiring experienced people to drive us forward, anyone who is fresh will probably bring something to the table. If you feel you fit so well in this culture, come play with us!

And if you were reading this section to know about Rebatus, well, here is what you’re looking for: We are a platform that is gamifying the marketplace and e-commerce experience. Please do not compare us to S***, D*B*****, or J*****, simply because we don’t want to be put with these old people.

We’re young, we’re innovative, and we’re here to play. And by "play", we mean playing really hard and giving you nothing but the best of the best. With Rebatus, you’ll be able to trade points and you’ll be awarded with cash to spend on the things you love.

We do not promise you to change your spending habits, but we promise to make those purchases more rewarding. 100% CASH BACK, as a minimum? Deals you cannot get enough of? All you need to do is play the game of shopping!

Well, happy birthday, but not on the day you were born, but every single day. 


                         WHY REBATUS


We’ll let you answer this question yourself if you can answer this question: would you rather be boring, average, mundane, and to the point, or freaking awesome?


If you choose the former, then we don’t have anything to say. If you choose the latter, Welcome to Rebatus - This is where you belong!

And if you’re part of our family, we’ll reward you with a lot of products in all different industries. You just try us!


The more people buy on Rebatus, the more chances you get to be rewarded. Too good to be true, we know. But really, enough with these spammy scammy offerings that we can all see right through. We are the real deal. Again, we’re asking you to try yourself!

Every purchase made on the system will reward everyone!