When you think about it, much of your financial information is already being sold. Your credit card company sells consumer purchase information to advertisers and brands. Banks sell consumer data to lenders or push you to borrow money directly. Mortgage information is public and gets packaged up and sold to movers, builders, decorators, gardeners — everyone under the sun!

Does this sound fair? it sounds like consumers are already getting ripped off. Why not earn more money for YOURSELF instead?

Rebatus can help you do this in a safe and secure way. By creating analytics and insights of consumer spending data that enterprises are willing to pay for without sharing any personal identifying information.

Of course, certain financial information, like your bank account or credit card number, are kept secret and secure.


  • Rebatus is a new revenue stream for users to earn money for sharing their spending history in a safe and secure way. Leveraging open-banking and partnering with industry leading third party providers like Plaid, Nordigen & Stripe.

  • On every purchase you will earn tickets, use them to redeem offers at your favorite stores/websites. Earning tickets can double-up your rebates! Rebates are the cash rewards that you receive when other Rebatus users spend with their linked cards.

  • WE DO NOT STORE YOUR CARD OR ANY BANKING INFORMATION. Rebatus partnered with industry leading third-party services: Plaid, Nordigen & Stripe. We do not keep any financial information on our servers. We use Plaid & Nordigen to verify accounts and validate transactions and Stripe for checkout.

  • Linking your card through secured channels is the easiest way to validate your transactions, this way we can offer you the friction-less experience of Rebatus rewards. Linking your card replaces the old methods of having a loyalty card for each merchant or scanning receipts whenever you make a purchase.

  • Yes, you can link an unlimited number of credit/debit cards to your Rebatus account. This will lead to more transactions registered to your account which means more tickets, offers & rebates.

  • The data that will be shared through Rebatus platform is anonymous transactions and aggregates only, with no associated customer attributes. This means that no personally identifiable information is provided by Rebatus to any brand or retailer.