VIVOBASE MOBILE Electromagnetic and non-ionizing radiation protection. Made in Germany. Black

|   Brand: VIVOBASE


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1. VIVOBASE is german engineering expertise with 4 decades of wellness experience throughout the development of measurement/therapeutic devices.
2. VIVOBASE brings ease-of-use and effectiveness in protection from all EMF's constant emissions.
3.Exposed to EMFs, the natural structure of the water moleculein the body is destroyed whithin the cell membrane.
4.VIVOBASE creates a natural sferic field which results to the water molecules to naturally regenate.
5.VIVOBASE protects from 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, WIFI, DECT, Bluetooth, GPS, switch-mode power supply units, monitors and other artificially produced fields, as well as from natural fields, such as water veins, faults, and natural and cosmic radiation.

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