REBATUS build a massive user base that is strongly supported by an important factor, Loyalty.

  • People love playing games, and gamifying their favourite activity shopping,  they are bound to stay on REBATUS.

Simple steps to start selling online

  • Sign Up

  • Receive your approval

  • Utilize your dashboard

  • Build, customize, and manage your shop 
    (don’t forget to offer your players something unique!)


Given that rewarded spending and loyalty programs are an inherent part of our core, we allow you to offer your products to customers who aren’t just encouraged to buy more and spend more, but are also loyal to you and to the platform.

Your shop is where your customers engage with you. Feel free to customize it completely and make it your own; both aesthetically, and operationally. It’s not just the shoppers who are playing the game of shopping on Rebatus, we expect you to take part too.



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