Welcome to the bottomless wallet experience

Rebatus is a loyalty platform that leverages open banking technology to reward users' everyday spending - our unique API is able to tap into user’s debit/card payment transaction value to instantly apply reversed cash rebates and reimburse it among other users.

Every transaction completed by a Rebatus user, rewards everyone else. We are asking you to try yourself, subscribe for a completely free of charge 30-Day plan here with no credit card details required. Watch your wallet effortlessly going bottom-less!

We know what's on your mind, relax, you are safe!

WE DO NOT STORE YOUR CARD OR ANY BANKING INFORMATION. All credit and debit card information is shared, authorized through user's associated banking app/website. Cash rebates transferred to users' account as a reward is pushed with an itemised receipt back into user's banking account.

Rebatus is changing the spending game! Yes, you read that correctly: Spending is a game, at least to us - a game in which your ability to jump hurdles to save, not the princess, but money. That way, the best players get more bang for their buck. We have seen so many platforms thrive over selling you more or luring you into earning points or digitalize your wallets..but, we are giving you the chance to earn tickets based on your everyday spending to double-up some (or all) of the cash rebates you are getting anyway. (we say "some” of your cash, but what we really mean is that you’ll probably get more than you paid anyway.)

The more people spending with their linked accounts, the more chances you get to be rewarded. Too good to be true, we know. But really, enough with these spammy scammy offerings that we can all see right through - your bottomless wallet starts right here.

Well, happy birthday, but not on the day you were born, but every single day.