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  • Rebatus is a platform that is gamifying the marketplace and e-commerce experience - We are not just an e-commerce platform, but an inclusive hub with an innovative business model and a comprehensive rewarding system that provides you with points you can trade and cash you can spend.

  • Our website features a full tutorial. You can access this tutorial at any time by clicking on About Rebatus links placed in the page footer.

  • Rebatus is available on desktop, smart phone and tablet.

  • The Rebatus Privacy Policy applies to all information gathered to process Rebatus orders. Information provided to each Rebatus Seller will be limited to the minimum amount necessary in order for them to process your order (name and shipping address). All other personal information collected to process your order, including payment information, is maintained by Rebatus only. In addition, Rebatus mandates that all Rebatus Sellers follow the Rebatus Privacy Policy and will have limitations on sharing your information for purposes other than fulfillment of your order.


  • We are not producing games, but we are gamifying the market. The more you play, the more points you get, and the higher chances you have to win. That’s a game right there, isn’t it?

  • To create an account simply click ‘Login/Register’ in the top right hand corner of your screen and enter your details in the fields highlighted.

  • To edit your account, click on your name/photo icon located on the right of the top header menu. Tap profile section to edit and click 'Save changes' to complete. You cannot change your username.

  • YES! You can share your profile link on social platforms for a chance to get more points, which means more deals, more money and more free products.

  • At ‘Login’ select ‘Forgot Password’ and follow the on-screen instructions for password reset.

  • You can choose to truncate all your data or to close your account you must notify us in writing (from your registered email account) at: Hereafter, a dedicated member of our support team will assist you within 24 hrs.


  • You can always track your orders through your dashboard.

  • Rebatus accepts all major credit/debits cards including (but not limited to): Visa, MasterCard and Amex.

  • A buyer can pay by Cash on Delivery if the Product falls under that Category

  • There are no hidden charges on any Idealz purchase. You should however CHECK with your bank to see if they apply any transaction/processing fees.

  • You will always receive a follow up email after receiving your order, but we encourage you to write a review on the seller's page.

  • You can track your order and deliveries from Your Orders on Dashboard. You can change the delivery address for an order until it ships. Once your order has shipped, you can find tracking information in your order details. If an order includes multiple items, each may have separate delivery dates and tracking information.

  • If there is an issue with your product or general questions for the seller, we highly recommend to keep Rebatus as your main communication channel. You can always connect with us on 800 REBATUS (732 2887) or and we will handle.

  • Each shop/product has it's Refund & Return policy, please refer to shop policies before order confirmation.

  • If the item you purchased is damaged or defective and was purchased within the past 14 days, please connect with us immediately to report the issue. You may be required to return your defective item to us before any exchange or refund is issued. In the event the item being returned to Rebatus is NOT found to be damaged or defective, you may be assessed a 15% restocking fee and the original shipping charge will not be refunded.


  • You will receive Points with every purchase, these can be collected and used in the DEALS room and also kept as a balance to withdraw your CASH! Subscribe to Rebatus newsletter for a chance to earn more points through our promotional campaigns.

  • You can always view your points description, status and expiry date from your dashboard view > my points.

  • Currently it is not possible to purchase/transfer Points.

  • Active deals that requires a certain number of points to participate with. Head to All Deals now and participate for a chance to win completely free products!

  • Set terms are placed on the bottom left of each Deal.

  • Rebatus will send you an e-mail with processing your prize.

  • Yes! You can always earn more points through purchases, refer your friends or subscribe to our newsletter to receive our promotional campaigns.

  • The deal will not be completed if the number of participants is not full, if the deal ends with less number than the required then deal will be CANCELLED and points will be refunded to participants. We always encourage you to share the deal with your friends so they can participate and close the deal to ONE winner!

  • Rebatus will send ‘Push Notifications’/emails to notify all participates as to the status of each deal.

  • New deals are created instantly at the close of an existing deal. There is no set time limit per deal, however, you can expect new deals to emerge frequently.


  • CASH you can spend! Your wallet has all the rebates that your earn as a cashback from other purchases made on Disclaimer: this will be happening very often; while you're offline, sleeping, cooking, studying, working - so you better keep an eye on your wallet!

  • Not at all! Rebatus operates based on the loyalty of buyers, rebating them back with purchases that is done on the system, not limited to purchases they personally make. Referring your friends can only bring you points - but as a Rebatus registered user, you're getting the money anyway!

  • Not at all, you can always choose your wallet as a payment method to make more purchases on Rebatus but you can also request a withdrawal of you Rebates to spend!

  • Fill in your bank account details while requesting a withdrawal amount, a request goes to the admin and you receive an approval e-mail with the transfer details. Your bank account details are safe with us.

  • YES! The transfer will be completed from Rebatus AE to your country of residence bank account in your account currency - transfer fees might occur, we advise to check with your bank.

  • You need to keep a balance of ONE point as a minimum to be able to withdraw/spend your Rebates.

  • Rebates are non-transferrable.

  • No


  • Your opportunity to build, customize and manage your e-store – hassle free! We allow you to offer your products to customers who aren’t just encouraged to buy more and spend more but are also loyal to you and to the platform. Visit our Seller page for more information.

  • You can register today for the selling account of your choice, without the need to contact a sales person by clicking on the Start Selling button on this page. Before you begin the self-service registration process, be sure to have the following information available. • Your business name, address, and contact information • A valid trade license, bank account and a valid billing address • A phone number where you can be reached during this registration process

  • EASY! Once you’re registered, you list the products that you want to sell on Rebatus marketplace. Customer sees your product and makes a purchase. You will receive a notification to confirm – product will be picked up from your warehouse and delivered to the customer. Rebatus will deposit the funds into your bank account after deducting our fees.

  • To get through the full registration process for a Rebatus seller account, you will need a bunch of information readily available, including: Name, Contact Person details, Email Address & Trade License.

  • Selling on is at no subscription fee. You just need to complete the registration, accept the Terms and Agreement and list your items. Learn more at Selling program terms page for commission and delivery charges.

  • Your shop is your territory! You have your own dashboard view to be able to track, analyze your sales.

  • Rebatus notifies you by email when you receive an order.

  • YES! Your rating appears on your Shop Page & Product Listing Page - one of the first things that customers see.