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  • Rebatus is a cashback program that leverages open banking technology to reward users' regular spending, everyday. Forget your typical cashback model, we have reversed the methodology - you are not getting cashback on your completed purchase, but you are getting a fraction of cash, back on every other purchase completed by another Rebatus user. Which means, your wallet is continuously receiving money – whenever someone else use their personal card to pay for anything, which is most likely, all the time. (If you are wondering, those people you don’t know them and you don’t have to invite them, all you get to do is to join us!)

  • 3 STEPS AND YOU'RE IN:- Sign up > Subscribe to your preferred plan > Link your daily spending debit/credit card > Sit back and watch your wallet effortlessly going bottomless! On every purchase you will earn tickets that can double-up your cashback percentage.

  • WE DO NOT STORE YOUR CARD OR ANY BANKING INFORMATION. All credit and debit card information is used for authorization purpose only through user's associated banking app/website. Please visit our Privacy Policy tab and get back to us if you have any questions!


  • CASH you can spend! Your wallet has all the rebates that your earn as a cashback from other purchases made on Disclaimer: this will be happening very often; while you're offline, sleeping, cooking, studying, working - so you better keep an eye on your wallet!

  • Not at all! Rebatus operates based on the loyalty of buyers, rebating them back with purchases that is done on the system, not limited to purchases they personally make. Referring your friends can only bring you tickets - but as a Rebatus registered user, you're getting the money anyway!

  • Fill in your bank account details while requesting a withdrawal amount, a request goes to the admin and you receive an approval e-mail with the transfer details. Your bank account details are safe with us.